Thursday, 30 August 2012


In love with denim dungarees! Except for me they have to be a certain size & shape because some of them, I think,  look like a sack and others just look stupid...the only thing i don't like about this one is the pocket lining. 
I recently ordered one of these metallic hair cuffs from eBay & I really like them because you can make an ordinary hairstyle look so much better with it!
Now, I know that ombre hair has been around for ages (& is maybe getting a bit old), but I absolutely love this particular combination!

The one pair of Black Milk leggings that has spoken to me since the Aurora skye's..

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  1. I know what you mean about overalls - I really want a pair of long overalls but they need to taper in exactly at the ankle and it's hard to find a pair that is cute and fits well. I kind of also want a velvet short pair but ARGH not the right season >.<